• I love having a versatile item in my closet, and nothing is more versatile than …
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  • Yes that’s what I’m calling it. A pandemic purse! I hope sometime very …
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  • You made your way here because you are looking to make a change for the …
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  • The road to an environmentally friendly home looks cumbersome, expensive and often confusing when we …
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  • 3 ways to style your plain white shirt!
    What’s in your pandemic purse?

    Allow me to introduce myself.

    While a photographer by trade, I am also a passionate mother and wife with a large interest in travel and a keen interest to share my lifestyle through blogging.

    I have always enjoyed writing, taking on adventurous tasks and then sharing my adventures. In this blog I hope to share so many new adventures with you all.

    - Kayleigh May

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