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3 ways to style your plain white shirt!

I love having a versatile item in my closet, and nothing is more versatile than the plain white t-shirt. Here are a few ways that you can style your white t-shirt for the summer. The plain shirt used in this…


What’s in your pandemic purse?

Yes that’s what I’m calling it. A pandemic purse! I hope sometime very soon we no longer need to carry around all these items, but for now they are handy to have at arms reach. I’m using products that normally…


How to Create A Sustainable Closet – (Affordable options included)

You made your way here because you are looking to make a change for the better. You want to create a sustainable closet. We’ve seen the impact we are having on the earth, truckloads of garments from the fast fashion…


8 Ways to a Greener Home.

The road to an environmentally friendly home looks cumbersome, expensive and often confusing when we add that many big brand companies are greenwashing their products with misleading marketing. We continue to use plastic products like we have no other option.…


Making Relaxing Bath Bombs! (no life story, just a recipe)

It’s a beautiful thing to create with your kids, These beautiful bath bombs will be delivered to friends to help lift their spirits during the quarantine.


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