About Kayleigh May

Allow me to introduce myself.

While a photographer by trade, I am also a passionate mother and wife with a large interest in travel and a keen interest to share my lifestyle through blogging.  Born in South Africa, I moved to Canada when I was nine years old, with my parents who work within the mining industry.  I met my husband in Sudbury Ontario, and we developed a life together, two children, one dog,  two cats, and a few more moves later I  can be found with my feet on the ground on Vancouver Island.  

I have so many interests including fashion, cosmetics, reading, photography and writing.

I have always enjoyed writing, taking on adventurous tasks and then sharing my adventures. In this blog I hope to share so many new adventures with you all.

-Kayleigh May



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller

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