The first days without you…

Dear Sugar,

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to spend even a day without you.

Day one… 

I felt dizzy,  with a headache and it seemed that the day was going to drag on forever
And craved chocolate so very much, and there were no changes in my skin… Okay I didn’t actually expect the changes to happen this fast… But with that much effort to get past day one, you’d think by the end of the day I should have had glowing skin. (I’m kidding.)

I curbed these cravings with my new friends, oranges.  While Mandarin oranges taste nothing like chocolate, they were able to give my body that natural sugar jolt that it needed.

Breakfast:  My  everyday coffee protein shake.
Lunch: Avocado and garlic goat cheese on whole grain bread 
 Basic salad and chicken breast.

Plank Challenge

My plank challenge has proved just how unfit I truly am. 27 seconds on the first plank of the day, and 40 seconds at the end of the day… okay i added 13 seconds….  (But had to do 9 total planks, to get to the total of 3 minutes)


Todays recipe is a coffee protein shake, why? because when you need to drink both coffee and have your protein in the morning and only have so much stomach room to fill, might as well combine them!

COFFEE Protein Shake:
Night before make a 12 cup pot of coffee, Freeze into ice cubes,
(you will thank yourself for doing this, that way you don’t need to add ice to the mix which dilutes the flavour)
MORNING: Put on your UPBEAT wake the F-Up music! 
In a Blender add:
1.5 cups worth of coffee ice cubes (You prepped those right?)
1 tsp honey
1 scoop protein powder ( I love the Epicure Vegan Protein Powder)
1 scoop Epicure Cocoa Acia Booster blend  OR:
1 tsp Cocoa,
1/4 tsp Turmeric
1/4 tsp Ginger
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

This is just my basic, I often add Coconut oil, Banana, Berries, or powdered fibre.  Feel Free to mix it up!!!

Love, Light and Blessings 
Kayleigh May 

We cannot make food better than nature.
Diane Sanfilippo


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