Bullet Journaling!

Disclaimer: As creative as I am, I am HORRIBLE at drawing. Therefore, my bullet journals are not as pretty as others are, They are functional, with an attempt at being pretty.

I was introduced to bullet journaling my good friend Maxime. One day at lunch (probably another lunch where I ordered a salad, only to realize that I don’t really like salad.) she took out this journal that I had never seen before. The organization took me by surprise. It was perfectly organized to suit her needs, and why? because she designed each and every page. In other journals that I have seen before the organizations were all set up wrong for my life, (just ask Jennaka who spent a whole evening with me while I complained about the layout of each and every agenda in Chapters.  And the journals that you had to set up yourself seemed like a tedious task of adding stickers, and writing the dates in.  Which is the same thing as bullet journaling, you have to add the dates, and the stickers, and the washi tape – BUT there is this beauty to it when you are all done.

Now unlike other journals I set mine up differently,  I don’t have a weekly spread, or a table of contents, because i’m lazy and thats a lot of work.

Side note: I should start a blog called the way to live a successful life as a lazy person.

And we’re back:

Why do I like Bullet journaling: 

I’ve always been a fan of brightly coloured markers, and they way they feel when they make marks on a page, However un-pretty that mark ends up looking.  I love stickers, and Washi tape and it’s a great chance to use them. Even more so…. I LOVE organization in an agenda. I like that I can look at a habit tracker list and remember to clean the cat litter, shine my sink, and yes even wash my face. It keeps everything on the ball when I as an unorganized lazy human can’t.

What is in my journal right now? 

*Daily gratitude chart
*Book Reading List
*Habit Tracker
*Cleaning Chart
*Daily Spreads that include a Hydration Tracker
*Month at a Glance
*Year at a Glance
*The Years Bucket List
*Lifetime bucket list
*Goals / Vision Page

And I plan on sharing each spread with you as I go through the process of making my journal look kinda okay. 🙂

Love and Light

Kayleigh May 


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    • Kayleigh May
      May 21, 2018 / 10:17 pm

      Thanks so much, I’ve also checked out your blog! It’s awesome. So helpful. I really enjoyed your online course layout. I myself am doing an online course, so I will be using something similar in my journal. Thanks 🙂

      • May 22, 2018 / 3:43 am

        Awesome! Yeah it’s honestly helped me out a ton, I’m a couple days ahead right now but it’s kept me motivated!

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