#Hello Flavour

I signed up for Influenster a little while ago, and was quite excited when I was sent a complimentary #HelloFlavour package to review.

Included in the package was:

McCormicks Spicy Montreal Steak Spice
Franks Red Hot – Original
La Grille Steakhouse burgers Sauce mix-ins – Brown Sugar Bourbon
A coupon for a Free French’s Mustard or Ketchup

Let us begin with McCormicks Spicy Montreal Steak Spice 

I do enjoy a Montreal Steak Spice, And the heat in this seasoning does kick it up a notch, and the family quite enjoyed their steaks.  However, we all found the product way too salty. This may be because we all live a low sodium lifestyle, and we tend to purchase steak spice where the first ingredient is a herb rather other than salt. I was disappointed to not find the nutritional information on the label as I could not find the sodium content. Health and Wellness wise this product was not for us. However if you are a salt lover, then this may be the steak spice you are looking for.

Franks Red Hot 

Who doesn’t put this Sh!t on everything? We sure do! From eggs to pizza, chicken wings to soup. We love our Franks Red Hot.  The flavour isn’t packing so much heat that it will burn your insides like some other hot sauces, but enough heat that it gives a kick you are looking for.

La Grille Steakhouse burgers Sauce mix-ins – Brown Sugar Bourbon 

Stay Tuned for the update on this one, we haven’t used it yet…. But looking forward to it.

FRENCH’s Mustard and Ketchup 

Although we have not turned in the coupon for the free French’s mustard or ketchup yet, I can assure you, We ONLY use FRENCH’s brand Ketchup in this house! Why? because they use CANADIAN tomatoes! Which is important to us because that means that they are supporting our Canadian farmers. Ingredient wise let’s be honest, Ketchup in any form other than home made is awful for you. But a little here and there on your hot dogs, burgers, and in your pulled chicken (remind me to insert my new recipe for it here)  IS fantastical!


Anyways Thanks for reading,

Love and Light to you all.

Kayleigh May







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