Making Laundry Mountain, Nothing but a Molehill

Very few of us enjoy doing laundry! However I have a few “Mom Hacks”  that will help you get into a routine, and get your laundry fitting in the closet with ease.


Making your laundry pile smaller takes a few short steps, And I’ve found help from a magical book.   (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing) I enjoyed this as an audio book while decluttering on audible.

Steps that I took from the book.

  1. Remove the clothing that no longer brings you joy.  The clothes that do not fit, and the ones that you will “repair someday.”  Do the same for your spouse and children. Get them to help you by asking if the clothing brings them joy, if it does not, sell it, or donate it to a friends child or to the shelters.
  2. Make a Laundry Day chart, Assign each room of the house a different day of the week. Put it in a bullet journal: My chart reads as follows.
    Monday – Hayden – Clothing and linens
    Tuesday  – Connor – Clothing and linens
    Wednesday –  Master Bedroom – Clothing and linens
    Thursday – Bathroom Towels and facecloths.
    Friday – Guests – Clothing and Linens
    Saturday  – Left overs
    Sunday – Laundry Free Day
  3. Fold laundry so it stands on its side,  And then Pack it away immediately.
  4. Assign everyone with a laundry basket for dirty laundry, and teach your children to help with the laundry.
  5. SOCKS- WE all HATE sorting socks, I don’t care who you are, if this is a task that you enjoy then teach me your ways….  I get around sock anger by making sure we don’t have too many different colours and types of socks. My boys have black socks that are the same brand, and they are folded by size, and folded together, not rolled together in little balls. I don’t like any folding that stretches the necks of socks.
  6. Pack your drawers from front to back or side to side, instead of top to bottom.
  7. Make it fun, Listen to music,  a podcast, or even an inspirational book on audible.

If you have tips for getting laundry done and into the closets, comment below.  I will be adding more photos to this post soon, what would you like to see?

As always,

Love, Light and Blessings
Kayleigh May

If I don’t do laundry today, I’m gonna have to buy new clothes tomorrow.
-Anna Paquin

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