A Canadian Thanksgiving Meal (Family, Friends, Food, It doesn’t get butter than this!)

I love Thanksgiving, I just absolutely love it and there is nothing butter than thanksgiving.  Speaking of butter….. I can’t even tell you how many pounds I will go through before the meal is made.

Let’s talk about making your thanksgiving meal easier,

I. Meal planning and Prep.


Using my bullet journal, I set up a meal plan.  This gives meal list of the food that will be made as well as a list of grocery shopping.

2. Allow others to bring something to the meal.  Delegate…    You don’t have to do everything! Although I am a control freak when it comes to thanksgiving, I want to be the one to control the menu and how everything is cooked. However I only have one oven, therefore sometimes it is best to allow those who ask to bring something to bring something.


3.  Prepare the evening before.

I make my pies, prep the turkey and do some cleaning the night before the big meal.

4. Make clean up a breeze:

Before the dinner is served: be sure that the dishwasher is empty, as is the washing machine.

Before those who ate dinner and enjoyed to their hearts content run away and disappear, be sure to stand ground and ask of them to clear their own plates into a “food designated” garbage bag, then rinse their plate and stack it nicely.

While my special occasion dinner plates are not dishwasher safe, I rinse them and then save the washing of them for the morning after.

I was told by my brother of a tradition in a friend of his home that wine glasses and expensive dinner ware is not to be washed after a drink, for fear of breaking it. (I the lazy human that I am… Like this tradition and have adopted it.)

Load the dishwasher, and do as much organizing of the remaining dishes as possible, Clear the place-mats, and table cloth directly into the washing machine. (this ensures that the stains get out before they set)

Use NORWEX! We love Norwex in our home, The cloths, and products help our home stay both dirt free and chemical free.


5.  Left overs for days! keep your turkey carcass for a bone broth, If you are unable to use it right away freeze it for another time.






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