5 Important Things That we Forget to put on our Christmas List

Happy December 1st! Here it comes, to hit you in your face: the lights, the sparkle, the red and green, the smell of peppermint!  Whether you are a Christmas embracer, or a grinch, one thing is for sure, if you have children…. YOU have a massive list of things to do to bring magic, joy, and kindness to your children this season.

So here is a not so common Christmas List: 

  1.  Teach my children about giving.
    Typically we give each child $30 to buy christmas gifts for those around them. This year with the help of the app “LetGo” Our goal will be to have the children sell their gently used, no longer played with toys to earn their christmas spending money. They can offer services to their family members for payment. 
  2. Volunteer as a family
    There are so many places that we can volunteer our time.  We often forget that our time is just as important to give to others as gifts. 
  3. DeClutter into Donations
    We build up so much STUFF as a family, And this season of getting more, gives me anxiety as to how much more stuff will try and find its place in my home.  So this year I am filling boxes and boxes to give away, donate to charity, and to sell.  (Selling some barely used items always helps with the Christmas budget. )
  4. Create a gift for a family member
    I’ve always wanted to make all the gifts from scratch, however, in the time that we live in, gifts are usually cheaper to buy than to make, and on top of that, time is such a a hard commodity to come by.  This year we are picking ONE family member and we will make a gift for them. 
  5. Make a non-material item list of what we are thankful for
    With Christmas being about giving, and receiving those material items, we often forget about the non-material things that we both give and receive. 

Whatever you may add to your Christmas list, I do hope that you find joy, love, and kindness wherever you go. And more importantly, I hope you throw it around yourself. 

Love, Blessings, and Joy,
Kayleigh May 

For it is in giving that we receive.

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