THIS, is life with my 9 year old!

I have noticed as of late there are so many blogs talking about the hardships of parenthood, and struggles we have with specific age groups. The just of it is, Yes, parenting can be hard, and our children can be jerks.
There is a thing my husband and I do often; We tell other parents both in front of our children and behind their backs about their good traits. Sometimes they are traits my children have that is not common in other children. I don’t just agree with my friends when they tell me how their children misbehave and say “Oh yes my children too.” Because most often than not, my children are different.

For me to write a commentary on life with a 9 year old, and state that this is how all “Nines” just happen to be, wouldn’t be fair. Yes Nine, can back talk, and has the occasional melt down, Nine can make an amazing mess. Nine can also scream, slam doors, have a temper like no other, and bring you to the brink of tears. Actually scratch that, Nine can make you cry like no other. However let me tell you about MY nine year old. (and remember we are looking on the positive side of things.)

Nine is organized, and cleans his room before he goes to school, and it’s mostly because he is so excited to put in the Robot vacuum that he is super impressed with, but not allowed to use until his bed is made and there is nothing on the floor.

Nine is tidy, he sees how much work goes into keeping the house clean and he tries his best to help. He puts his dishes in the sink after breakfast and often will put his brothers dishes in the sink too.

Nine is polite, he has manners. Always saying thank-you to strangers, holding doors open, (I’ve had to rescue him a number of times from the door just to get to the car.)

Nine is helpful, he carries grocery bags, asks if he can chop vegetables, and help unpack the dishwasher.

Nine is reasonable, give Nine a chore he doesn’t want to do? He will try and reason with you. “I will do this instead?” Or “If I do that can I please have 15 minutes on my computer.” And when Nine is upset, he will explain why, no more guessing games, (That’s for Eight)

Nine tries not to fight, his little brother consistently and constantly tries to pick fights, but Nine knows better, he uses skills to reason his way out of a fight, and Nine negotiates, he explains, and my favourite trait of Nine’s is not only that he compromises but that Nine is willing to compromise

Nine confides, he has begun telling us all the things that happen at school, when he is sad, when he is happy, what subject is his favourite of the month, (art or math usually.)

Nine loves adventures, Nine will push you to go outside, play games, search for seashells, go on hikes, explore, play pirate and so much more.

Nine is independent, Nine makes his own breakfast, and breakfast for his little brother. Nine can read on his own, play on his own, entertain himself, and clean up after himself. (And yes sometimes Nine needs prompting)
Nine is creative, Nine will spend hours creating comics, drawing, and writing stories.

Nine Loves to read, I often find Nine in his room after hours reading his book, and yes while this is against the bedtime rules, Nine is reading, which in itself is a victory. I often pretend not to catch Nine just so he can finish his chapter.

Nine shares, Okay so Nine will sneak snacks from the kitchen all the time, and candies and cookies, but Nine never forgets to share those snacks with his little brother.

Nine shows empathy! Another win, because Nine understands when you have had a hard day. Nine will rub your head and give you hugs, sit with you, and offer to help. Nine has been overheard exclaiming “Mom did all the laundry till late last night, let’s be quiet so she can sleep.”

Nine loves big, So big that Nine gets hurt in the “feels.” Nine can be emotional, and confused, but the amount of love that Nine has is too big for Nine’s little body and because…

Nine acts older than they are, and that is sometimes hard, because we have to remember that Nine, is only NINE. They will lose their temper, they will fight, they will sneak, they will still test limits, and try to see what they can get away with. We love Nine, for all that they are, and we can see so much of the human that they will turn out to be.

As always
Love Light and Blessings


Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
C.S. Lewis


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      January 16, 2019 / 11:50 pm

      Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

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