The day I decided to brand myself… What I’ve gained, and who I’ve lost.

It’s been a year since I sat down and decided I was going to give being an influencer a try. And believe me there have been trials and failures, and triumphs. To be honest, I thought it would be easier…. “Take a few photos of myself, post them, and get brands to sponsor me.” Not that simple. The year has shown that there was A LOT of work involved. And there is a lot more work involved if you plan on remaining your authentic self.

I spend so much time worrying about what I post;
Who will I offend?
Who will unfollow?
But always most importantly to me is: Am I being true to myself?

Yes, taking photos is a huge step forward, but often my dear and sweet husband, just doesn’t get the angle I want, or forgets to tell my that my bra strap is showing, or something worse… then gets frustrated, and finally after photo number 30 he’s done. And while every photo is curated, my life is not. I don’t go places “for the gram” I do it because I enjoy my life. And I share because I enjoy showing my life off. And it’s working, I’ve gained 7k people who enjoy watching what I am to, about 10% of those actually message me, and we chat, share tips, and support each other.
On the other side, I have caught the attention of a few brands that have sent me freebies or paid me to post about their product. I kept my integrity and don’t post about products I won’t use. I also get to share with friends and family and those who follow me what I like and don’t like about certain products.

I want to talk very candidly about what I have lost, or should I say who… For those who work in the influencer field, you know this, we have an app that tracks who unfollows us. And while I have followers who lift me up and share positivity from Florida, Texas, Brazil, the UK, I have lost those who are closest to me. Some of those who I thought, and still consider my inner tribe, unfollowed me.

While I don’t know why those from my inner tribe started to unfollow me, I do have some guesses. But here is what I want to declare to my whole tribe, And I suggest you make some declarations to your tribe too.

Raise your friends up, you will both benefit
  1. No matter how well you are doing, I will support you. I am here cheering on the sideline, and while I may not like, or comment on every post, just know I support you.
  2. No matter how stressed or sad you are, I am here, Give me a call, send me a dm. Just because my feed is positive, does not mean I am not prepared to help you get out of a slump. It also does not mean everything in my life is bright and cheery, I have my moments of sitting on the kitchen floor crying about being overwhelmed still.
  3. If you want a laugh, or a cry, or a good talk, I’m here!
  4. And If you need me to follow your MLM sales, or your personal blog, or your Instagram, or small business… I’m there girl… because Kindness costs ZERO cents.

As usual,
Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings

Kayleigh May

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. Dalai Lama

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  1. March 2, 2019 / 3:55 am

    Okay I am in tears. I can so relate to this. You are such a gem and I am so thankful for you!!!!!

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