How hard did age hit you challenge? (A commentary)

It’s everywhere… your friends are posting it, and pretty soon you will be compelled to post it too. Don’t lie, even if you don’t do it, you totally want to right?

Is this another challenge to make you feel bad about yourself?

And while you may have gained weight, or lost it. You may have a few more wrinkles, or you may have a completely different look. Your hair may be longer, or shorter or you may even have more style. In all honesty most of us look so much better. We have the glow of having had children, we have lines on our face to show that we have shared compassion with friends, we have weight gained or lost to show we are human and that we face struggles.

Most importantly since Facebook came out in the 2000, we have 100% better brows. No more pencil thin over plucked or badly drawn on brows for us!

Remember in those 10 years there have been so many gains, losses, trials and triumphs. You are a whole new person, and that person from 10 years ago had no idea what was up ahead.

Comment down below with your thoughts on the 10 year age challenge.

Love, light, and brightest blessings

My 10 year age difference.


Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Betty Friedan

Additional Information Added after the original post:

I found this theory on the 10 year challenge quite interesting. Imagine if you wanted to build the best facial recognition software out there, and needed it to recognize aging, wouldn’t the 10 year challenge be a great way to see how people age? 

Link #2

Do celebrities age? who are their doctors? This is definitely here to make you feel bad about yourself right? 

Add your comments below to let me know your thoughts on the ten year challenge. Share with your friends if you think they need some love after the 10 year challenge.

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