10 Signs You May Be A Nerdy Mom

Have you ever told your child to take their toy apart to see how it works? Done a science experiment in the kitchen regardless of the mess it would cause? It used to be a negative connotation to be called a “nerd”. However, in modern times, the term is not only admired my friends, but also revered by potential employers for its association to higher technical & scientific aptitudes, as well as above average IQ.

1. Your son shows you a toy that got broken and is unfixable. – your answer is “take it apart and see how it works. Our most recent example is the Rubik’s cube, my son took it to school and it was broken by a school mate. With a corner missing it was irritating my son. Problem solved (take it a part and see how all the pieces work.)

2. There is never a bad time for a random quiz, while doing dishes, or spending time in the car on long road trips, “what is 4×4?” Or “what is the second element on the periodic table?”  A random quiz keeps my kiddos on their toes.

3. When your child opens a book and he smells it before reading it, you know you have succeeded in teaching the value of books. 

4.  There have been so many discussions about the legitimacy of time travel, space time, and history such as the sinking of the titanic.

5. You started teaching your kids to code on applications or websites such as code.org, tynker.com, and scratch.mit.edu, before they could fully read.

6. Your children love to find questions that you don’t know the answers to, this leads to searching for the answers as a family. When you don’t know the answer to a question your prompt response is “42!” and they laugh, because they understand the reference.

7. You have taught your kids how to play chess, (But they still haven’t beaten you.)

8.  Family trips include discussions of the mechanics of draw bridges, structural integrity of buildings, the displacement of water and why ships float.

9. Walks across bridges mean checking to see if gravity laws are still holding true, you throw 3 different weighted items and discuss why they typically all land at the same time unless of coarse there is another force at play such as air resistance.

10. You enjoy all the “nerdy dates” example: March 14th is known as Pi day and is a celebration! Which involves Dinner Pie and Dessert Pie.

Do any of the above resonate with you? What signs am I missing?

Let me know what makes you a “nerdy mom?”

Love Light and Blessings

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder. Ronald Reagan

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