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Welcome to my new series, where I interview and introduce to you, Everyday, Influential Women! 

52063554_2214195135515189_3081105471092817920_nMEET: Rosalia RiveraSocial Strategist & Brand Builder,
and a very influential woman.

I met Rosalia while living in Timmins Ontario. We worked on a parenting magazine together. Rosalia is one of the most down to earth women I have ever met. With her beautiful zest for life, and her hard work, “get it done” attitude, this is the woman we turn to when looking for advice on how to make our social media accounts blossom.

The following is from the interview we did live on Instagram, for more of my live interviews tune into my Instagram (@everyday_KayleighMay) on Fridays. (Times vary due to availability of those being interviewed.)

Can we get started with a little bit of your back story?52546730_334109177205621_2280636945665097728_n

I started in the commercial photo industry in NYC as a shoot producer, but was promoted to Director of Marketing in 2006 because of my knack for relationship building with clients. When I moved to Canada in 2010 I started doing my own graphic design work from home for friends who needed help with their businesses marketing. Word of mouth spread and in 2015 I opened my own marketing agency, offering a wide variety of marketing services that grew to a team of 5. In 2017 I downscaled the business due to family health issues and being burned out by the high demands of a bustling agency. I restructured the business in 2018 to focus on offering two main services: Social Media Management and Training and Brand Development Services.



How long you have been working in marketing and media. 

Since 2006 in different variations.

What your favourite form of social media is?

I am in love with Instagram at the moment, but still have a big soft spot for Facebook. I actually use both to cross promote my clients business using my ‘secret sauce’ strategy that utilizes the dynamic duo that is Facebook.

What tips can you use to increase followers?

Look for pages where your ideal followers hang out. Search through that pages followers and search them out to A: learn more about them and B: so you can engage with them first so you can put yourself on their radar. Comment and like their content so that when they take note of your account (and like what they see) they’ll follow you. Do this on as many accounts as you can/have time for. This will be a slow but steady increase of IDEAL followers. And this strategy will help you create a solid base of ENGAGED followers. Great for the algorithm which means great for you!

Why it is important to attract the right followers?

If you’re trying to increase your followers so you can sell to them (either a service or product), then you want to attract followers that can actually become potential customers. Attracting the wrong people will not gain you business, will lower your engagement and hurt you in the long run.

RosaliaWhat projects do you have coming up in the near future?

My free Instagram 3-Part workshop “7 Secrets for Instagram Business Success” will begin February 18, for a limited time! To get in visit

And I have an new Facebook & Instagram Ads course coming up in April, for those interested, sign up for my newsletter.


To close do you have any book suggestions?

I made a goal to read 3-4 books for a month so as a bookworm I have quite a few to recommend.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

You are a baddass at making money by Jen Sincero


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“You have to GIVE 10x more than you ASK. Give, give, give and then give more value and you’ll see the reciprocity returned in spades!”

-Rosalia Rivera




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