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image1 (28).jpegWow, Do I ever have a soul and a half to introduce you to! Lauren is my really good friend, which is strange because we have known each other for maybe a little over a year now. How did we meet? Good old trusty Instagram. We just vibed so well together, it is like I have known her forever. In all honestly I should have been friends with her for years, but I believe we are brought into each others lives at the exact moment we are meant to be.

Lauren has taught me so very much, from how to brew my own kombutcha, to why I should actually read the labels of what is in my skin care.

Lauren – Teaching Safer Beauty

Beauty Counter Director

Name: Lauren

Can you tell me a little about your Family?

I met my hunky hubby on a blind date 14 years ago. We’ve been married for 10 years and are raising an artsy girl and adventurous boy.  We also have an adorable Doberman!

Tell me about how you made the choice to join Beauty counter as a representative?

I was asked to help launch this safer cosmetics company into Canada 19 months ago.  My first answer was no.  I didn’t think I could sell a product, even if it was amazing!  After reading more about the company though, and seeing how they are actually working directly at government level pushing for stricter health protective laws totally changed my mind!  I realized that we desperately need more voices speaking about the lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry as it severely impacts our health.  I figured if I was going to tell my friends and family about this then I might as well have a safer solution to offer! As I started sharing what I was learning about the industry, more people started asking questions.  It turns out LOTS of people want products that are not only safe, but that perform well!image1 (4)

You grew your business quite quickly and have quite a large team, can you tell me how it feels to have such a great tribe? 

AMAZING!!! Growing my business and my team has been quite the journey of self-development and friendships!  When I started I didn’t even think I would grow a team!! I figured I could make a little extra money on the side doing this on my own!!  Woman want safer products, but many women also want to earn extra money and use their voice to impact the industry as well!! Helping women thrive in their businesses is my jam! I truly believe behind every successful woman is a tribe of women cheering her on.  I get to be a cheer leader for like-minded woman and teach them the tools they need to build a sustainable business.  It honestly doesn’t get much better!! I love my job even more now that I get to do it alongside to many awesome women!

When it comes to skin care, why should we care about the products we are putting on our skin?

Our skin is our largest organ and many of the products we are slathering all over it are negatively impacting our health. Over 80, 000 chemicals have been introduced to the market since World War 2 and less than 20% of those have been tested for safety!! Isn’t that nuts?!  Basically that leaves us as the consumers as the guinea pigs.  Decades of research are linking cancers, hormone disruption, learning disabilities and other health problems to the ingredients that is in our cosmetic products.

What are some major toxins that we should be watching out for in our regular products?

There are so many!  Beauty Counter bans close to 1600, but I do have about 25 to watch out for on the back of my business card that people can refer to when purchasing products. Your followers can just send me a DM or an email and I would be happy to pop one of those with a product sample into the mail!  Some common ones are Fragrance, Parabens and Oxybenzone.

Fragrance is not regulated in Canada or the States.  Companies can put WHATEVER they want under this label and never reveal that to the consumer.  Many fragrance mixtures have been tested and come back with things like parabens in them, but you won’t find parabens on the label.  It’s a sneaky and super toxic ingredient!!  Parabens are a class of preservatives that have been linked to breast cancer and found in breast cancer tissue.  Beautycounter promises never to use fragrance or parabens and will always list every single ingredient.   Oxybenzone is in 80% of sunscreens – it is killing coral reef and is the highest offender for hormone disruption. Beautycounter is working actively in the States to ban this from sunscreens and had major success in 2018 by passing a bill to ban it from products in Hawaii.

If I was to start switching to Safer Beauty, what would be some products you recommend I start with?  

I always say start with what you’re running out of!  Or start with a good skincare routine.  That’s what I did.  What we put on our skin is literally on it 24/7, so it’s important we have the best ingredients!

Let’s talk about Counter Control! Why choose Counter control over other acne lines?

Counter Control gets me giddy, because I used other acne lines for YEARS with so much irritation and not a ton of success.  Counter Control is super unique, because it’s gentle, but incredibly effective.  Unlike traditional acne lines, Counter Control only kills the bad bacteria on your face and leaves the good bacteria intact.  This helps keep the skin nice and hydrated, where as other acne lines can really dry your skin out.  The key ingredient is Winter Green which contains natural salicylic acid.  It’s smells so refreshing too!

How do you use the Overnight Peel?

I use it 2-4 nights a week.  It actually goes on like a serum.  Just wash your face, apply the peel then let it soak in for 5 minutes. Don’t rinse off!  After 5 minutes apply your night cream and then wake up to glowing skin! I highly recommend Beautycounter’s Recovery Sleep Cream.

What is your favorite Eyeshadow Palette? Why Beauty counter eyeshadow palettes over other brands?

I love the Classic Palette! The colors are all warm and neutral so you can wear them any day of the week!  There is a gold colour in it that is so gorgeous! Our powders are highly pigmented and 3rd party tested for heavy metals. Beautcounter also has a zero tolerance policy for forced or child labour which is sadly common in the cosmetics industry.

Can you tell me about Beauty Counters Certifications? (Ie their never list, vegan, cruelty free etc?)

Beautycounter has a neverlist of close to 1600 ingredients that have been linked to health issues. They promise to never use these toxic ingredients when formulating products.  Beautycounter is a certified B corporation. Only about 2000 companies across the globe hold this high certification.  We value people, profit and planet equally.  Beautycounter is also working actively at government level pushing for legislative change, so that safer products will one day be accessible to everyone.

Lastly would you please recommend a book or two to my followers?

I am currently reading The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.  It’s so awesome and uplifting.  I also loved Girl Wash Your Face by the lovely Rachel Hollis and have her newest book on pre-order!



I hope you enjoyed spending a few moments with my friend, learning about safer beauty, and being a Mom Boss!

If you have more interest in getting to know Lauren, or Joining her safer beauty journey, Follow her Here 

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-Love Light and Brightest Blessings.

Kayleigh May 

#BetterBeauty is a way of life.

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Have we met?! My name is Lauren! I am a silly mama bear to two crazy cool kids, wife to a hunky hubby and an advocate for safer beauty! I never pass up a good cup of coffee, love me some clean floors and my passion is to empower women to live their BEST lives! ✨ Did you know that Beautycounter is working actively at government level to get stricter health protective laws in place for you and your family?! They are doing this, because there hasn’t been any new laws passed regulating our cosmetic industry in the states since 1938 and 1999 in Canada! I know it’s shocking and scary! ✨ Have you ever thought about joining me in this movement for change?! Let's chat!! We NEED more voices to create waves in this unregulated industry! I will help you to use your voice to make an impact and be your personal coach! #bestjob #sisterhood 💕 Can't wait to hear from you! 💕 So much love, Lauren 😘✌🏼🌈

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