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Photo 2019-01-20, 3 29 48 PM (1)Oh Connor! (My second child)

I recently wrote about my life with a nine year old. That post did surprisingly well, you can check it out (here).  Today however I would like to talk about life with my eight year old. Now Eight is a lot different than Nine, because Eight, is a second child, and literally the opposite of Nine.

There is beauty in watching a second child grow, especially when they prove to be so different than the first child.

So This is Life With Eight:

Let me introduce MY Eight.  Eight is a comedian! there is never a bad time for a joke in Eights mind, even when it really is a bad time for a joke. Even you know better, you can’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm.

Eight Smiles BIG, He is happy almost all the time, and why shouldn’t he be. He is full of curiosity and wonder.  He is discovering himself, and really getting to know not only who he is, but what type of person he wants to be.

Eight Loves Sports, My Eight, loves sports so much, and while your Eight may love something else, like art or reading, Whatever they love, they love it to it’s fullest amount. Eight can sometimes obsess over one or two aspects of something, and this is how they learn about a key piece of themselves. Putting the puzzle of who they are together.

Eight is Busy, he literally doesn’t stop, until bedtime. Eight has shown me how much energy a person can have, and honestly how much brain power a person can have. His mind is going when his body is not.

Eight has Patience, but only sometimes, because Eight can also be eager!  Eight is starting to learn that good things come to those who wait, and that you cannot rush time. Although, sometimes you see Eight pacing back and forth before birthday parties, or going to a friends house. Eight Literally VIBRATES with excitement.

Eight is Hungry… Can anyone get their Eight to not eat the whole box of cookies hidden in the cupboard? or how about the fruit that goes missing from the fruit bowl? I swear, Seven didn’t eat this much at all. Learning to make extra dinner so that there is enough for husband and I. He could eat us out of house and home if we didn’t put a stop to it. Always packing extra fruit and granola bars for school, and when he goes out.

Photo 2019-03-16, 11 24 02 AMEight is starting to be an actual helper…. You know what I mean moms of seven, having to re-pack the dishwasher, actually go clean the bathroom again, and having to pick up after them. Those days are over, Eights chore list doesn’t need to be redone by me.

Eight has a Close Friend, or two. Eight has learned that you cannot be everyones friend, and has settled on two close friends. Who now seem to live in your home 25% of the time while another 25% you seem to be missing Eight to one of his friends homes. It truly is great, as you can see them developing into life long friends.

Eight is Emotional, OH Jeeze, This one should almost be here twice. My Eight does not get angry ever… but he gets sad instead. So very sad. Instead of getting angry at his brother for breaking his lego tower, or eating his granola bar, or the 500 other things that should cause anger, he gets sad, removes himself to another room, and stays silent. My Eight would rather just deal with his emotions himself, and not let others know that what he did upset him. This however can backfire, as during a movie or “fun” event, Eight is still dwelling on what happened yesterday, and is still sad!

Eight has Imagination, from writing his own comics, to making everything, and I mean everything into a joke. Eight knows how to make you laugh or smile.

Photo 2019-03-02, 8 06 49 AMEight has Style, As a punishment I could hide the hairbrush or take away his favourite hat. Eight loves to look good! He is exploring his style, and brands that he likes, and while we cannot afford all the brand name everything, Eight is okay with saving his money and spending it on shoes rather than a toy.

Eight Saves his money,  again, Eight has style, and has learned that style costs money. Can we talk about how Eight has more style than I do? Or ever have had?  Eight is also patient enough to know that in a few years, literally Eight more… He will want a car, and Eight is saving for that special big purchase.

Eight wants to cuddle, and Eight may want to be independent, and grown, but he still loves his mum! He cuddles and loves hard, and Eight has the biggest and best hugs. 

Eight Loves Animals, it doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, Eight’s heart is big enough, and has love enough for all the animals. He takes care of the animals in the home, and feeds them. and gives them hugs and pets, and all the love. Because Eight is Compassionate and Kind

Along with other ages, Eight wants to be older, and tries to act older, and we can often forget that Eight, is only Eight.  While he wants to be able to take care of himself and be independent, Eight is still in need of help sometimes. Eight needs you to support his dreams, boost his moral, cheer him on, and he needs to be able to confide in you.

Again, This is my Eight, Tell me about yours!

Love, Light, And Brightest Blessings,

Kayleigh May


Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.
― Anne Frank

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