Want Those Instagram White teeth? (What works, and what you should avoid)

Lets talk whiter teeth, and at home teeth whitening for coffee stains.

Photo 2019-04-04, 12 32 34 PMI was always told that a great smile makes a great first impression! Instagram is filled with new products offering you teeth whitening solutions at home. When it comes to having white teeth, before you throw your money at your computer screen, here is a review on what works and what does not.

Let’s be real here ladies and gents. I consume 3-4 cups of coffee a day, and I drink a ton of tea at night. I’ll occasionally drink Red wine, and eat candies, and other tooth staining foods like pasta sauce. When I was younger, it was a lot easier to be on the ball with keeping my teeth pearly white.  However, life has gotten busy and keeping those stains away is a lot harder. There is nothing worse than when you are having photos taken and you look at them, only to notice how yellow your teeth have become.

Staining happens though, and I am here to tell you what to do to lift those stains out of your teeth.

What I have tried, that doesn’t work: Photo 2019-04-04, 12 41 32 PM

  1. Charcoal – did you know that no matter how fine the charcoal, it is abrasive on your teeth and can do damage over time to the enamel?  I was all about the charcoal, and had no idea why my teeth had become so extremely sensitive. After doing some research I discovered that using charcoal products was not the way to go. For more click here. 
  2. Teeth Whitening strips – These seem like a great idea, However I have tried these and have had little luck with keeping them in place, I find that I am constantly sliding them back up. The other big issue I had with these was that they left my teeth feeling sensitive with NO solution.
  3. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda, – while this home remedy may work a little, it never worked for the hard deep set in stains.
  4. Teeth whitening pen – Putting this on my teeth and then swallowing the product after, and walking around all day with a film on my teeth that felt like I didn’t brush…. No thank-you.

So now what actually does work? 

  1. You can go to your dentist, whitening at your dentist and get custom trays made, get the bleach or stain removal product, and that will run you $500+
  2. You can check out Smile Brilliant, get custom trays made… (Yes they do that through the mail!!!)  and it will cost you a total of 139-189 depending on the amount of “teeth whitening gel” and “desensitizing gel”  that you get.

Let’s talk more about thisSmile Brilliant

Photo 2019-04-04, 12 35 29 PM.jpg

Teeth after using Smile Brilliant

I tried Smile Brilliant out complimentary, so that I could give an HONEST review. And I promise you all, that this is an Honest Review.

The process: 

  1. Make your teeth moulds and send them back.
  2. Receive your trays.
  3. Start whitening….

Things I liked:

  1. I loved the process of making the trays, And you can see my video of how to create the trays on my Instagram feed or here. The process of creating trays was super simple and they have easy to follow instructions. I loved the option to send a photo of the trays to customer service so that they could confirm that they were okay before I sent them off.  As a bonus, because Smile Brilliant knows that people make mistakes (and I totally did), they give you one extra catalyst and base to give you an extra chance at getting those trays perfect.  Mess up twice? you can contact customer service and have the option to purchase an extra catalyst and base for a minimal amount.
  2. Receiving my Trays:  Seriously it was so cool to see how they got my “sideways tooth”  in the trays. and how they fit so perfectly in my mouth, they rolled over my teeth, and they are super thin, so it really isn’t uncomfortable at all to wear.
  3. After dinner self care. After dinner I typically do laundry with a face mask on and watch Netflix. (and let’s be real here once more, I also typically eat everything in my path.)  I now have a new routine, I put in my trays and I’m calling it self care.  As a mom we are always taking care of everyone else… Time to take care of ourselves too.
  4. The desensitizing gel:
    a. It tastes really good.
    b. I have had such bad teeth whitening experiences in the past that left my teeth so sore and sensitive to both hot and cold. I have no issues the day after whitening, and eat whatever I want.
  5. Can we talk about the customer service! It’s just wonderful, any issues you have, they are ready to help! Which is great because when I first started I did have a question or two about how much time to leave it on for, and they answered super fast. (the answer is start at 45 min, and work your way up to 3 hours max)

What I was not too keen on:

  1. I like to snack before bed, and with the teeth whitening the instructions say, not to eat after and go right to bed. However this is something that we really should not be doing anyways, so in a way, it’s really good that you don’t eat before bed.

Literally that is it, all my negatives revolve around food ^ My teeth are beautiful, they are white, and since I’m not whitening every day, and I’ve lifted stains that were so set in that I thought I would have no hope but to spend $500+ at the dentist, I am so happy!

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 1.06.50 PM

So now that I’ve told you how great this product is, how can you get one kit for FREE?

Simply click here, or the link below, to enter, We are giving one of my followers a FREE KIT!  Seriously…. This is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!!!


Thank-you so much to Smile Brilliant and their team for giving me the gift of a smile, because as Miss Marilyn Monroe says:

“A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear!”
Marilyn Monroe

-Kayleigh May

Photo 2019-04-04, 12 34 02 PM

USE CODE Everydaykayleighmay15 for 15% off your order at Smilebrilliant.com

PS> You may want to check out their electric toothbrushes too, I know I’m eyeing them myself.

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