What’s in your pandemic purse?

Yes that’s what I’m calling it. A pandemic purse!

I hope sometime very soon we no longer need to carry around all these items, but for now they are handy to have at arms reach. I’m using products that normally we wouldn’t use, such as Lysol disinfectant. I figure we live pretty chemical free usually, however it’s okay once in a while to compromise, considering we know that Lysol kills the virus. And unfortunately we don’t have much evidence for natural cleaners. What we are doing is using natural soaps and water inside the house and trying to air out lysoled items before allowing them in our home. (Some things you just can’t wash with soap and water.

1. Mask: I have two masks. The one I use for grocery stores and shopping is a lighter cloth mask. The idea behind it is to protect others from me. “Keeping my droplets to myself.” The second mask is a thicker one, fitted to my face, that I ordered from China that comes with removable pm2.5 filters. This mask will be handier in tight spaces where I cannot guarantee social distancing.

2. Hand sanitizer- both a spray and a squeeze bottle.

3. Vinyl Gloves- I don’t use these in grocery stores or anywhere other than the gas station. I put them on before pumping gas and dispose of them immediately after.

4. Lysol wipes – quick and easy to grab to disinfect shopping carts and items.


Things I keep in the car:

1. Lysol spray- I spray off packages and other items that are not edible.

2. Norwex cloths and water spray bottle. – food items packaging get wiped down before they enter the house.

3. Box of gloves- to use for the gas station

4. Garbage bag. To dispose of wipes and gloves and some packaging before it enters the house.


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