HELP We lost our Cat! *(and how we found her.)

It was a busy day, and I don’t know why I didn’t notice, but our older cat wasn’t around. It was in the evening when my son told me that the cat did not come for dinner. It took me all of 5 seconds before I realized that she was not in our house. She is a 100% indoor cat, and we assume she snuck out while I was bringing in the groceries and nobody noticed.

Isis, (named after the Egyptian Goddess) was missing. We spent all evening turning the house inside out trying to find our girl. We took to the streets with flashlights, and we informed neighbours. It wasn’t until 10 days later that she was found, under a shed in the neighbourhood. Here is how we found her.

  1. We hung posters everywhere. – we made sure the posters were in clear plastic protectors and taped them to mail boxes. (be sure that you remember where you put them for when you need to take them down.)
  2. We did put the litter box outside incase she smelled it. Along with her blanket and a box.
  3. We called her name every day at the same time for dinner. (loudly from 7pm till 9pm every 15 minutes. Apparently cats can use this as a homing device to find you if they are disoriented.)
    (And I promise there is nothing weirder than yelling Isis! every night.)
  4. The kids drove their bikes around the neighbourhood informing every passer by about the missing cat. They hung more posters and showed her photo off.
  5. We cracked the garage door open and put her food in a bowl. (which was eaten every night by a very large white cat. (which we still assume is the one who scared her off.)
  6. Lastly, I took out a facebook advertisement for her, and targeted the local area. Posted on all my social media platforms that she was missing.
  7. Googled every lost pet page I could possibly imagine and posted her information.

So what worked?
At the end of the day the lady and her sons that found our girl had seen her ad on the mailbox. However that isn’t to say that it wasn’t for the countless prayers that I received in my mailbox and on facebook for her didn’t help.

We had tonnes of clues and hits come in with the facebook, which gave us hope. And there isn’t anything on that list that I wouldn’t do again if we lost her again.

So You’ve found your pet now what?

If it has been a while I suggest that you do take the pet to the vet. Our girl was dehydrated and needed special food to get her stomach going again. Since all she had not eaten one thing since she disappeared. Hug them tight, and be extra careful with them around doors.

Love, Light and Brightest Blessings

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  1. June 20, 2020 / 4:40 am

    I’m so glad you’re girl
    Made it home!!! I actually didn’t realize her name was Isis after an Egyptian Goddess! She’s such a sweet cat and has an amazing loving family!

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